Terms and Privacy

These conditions settle the purchase contracts between the seller and the buyer relating to the products marketed by STINA D.O.O. on this site.


Customer declares to have read and accepted all the rules listed below including the conditions of withdrawal , return, that should be read to guarantee valid until a new agreement is in writing between the parties. The products are sold freely for customers of more than 16 years of age. Through recording and transcript of generality you agree not to provide false or misleading information knowing full well that this could lead to a criminal complaint. STINA D.O.O. disclaims all liability in the case of the provision of false information and reserves the right to make any complaint to the competent authorities.


All products sold here are previously tested and checked for compliance to both descriptions and actual operation. STINA D.O.O. offers its customers free assistance on manufacturing defects for products purchased for 60 Days from the date of purchase, purchased products must always be sent to our office and the cost of shipment is always charged to the costumer. Our technicians will take care to fix the product and in case of warranty will provide for the repair / replacement. If the technician may find a defect which is not due to manufacturing will seek prior notice to the customer to repair against payment. After the 60 days free support , however, we will continue to support the customer with payment assistance service. Any modification, repair times and costs will be charged extra.


Requests for replacement products for non-acceptance by the customer must be sent to our office within 7 days of the arrival date and after confirmation of the integrity of both the product and the packaging. the costs of returning and reshipping are always paid by the customer. The replaced products will be exchanged for goods of equal value excluding shipping.



In accordance with the applicable privacy policy the end user agrees that the data provided is entered into the database of STINA D.O.O. and can be used for commercial and or promotional and used for statistics by retrieving, processing or comparison and for the electronic submission of promotional materials.

The Licensee agrees to authorize STINA D.O.O. to communicate the data entered into the database to third parties , provided that they are used for the same purposes . The interested party may , as governed by the laws in force, request changes, updates, additions and deletion of data.